Church Fabric

Church Fabric



One of the greatest costs we incur as a church is the requirement for maintenance and running repairs.


In order to ensure that this duty, which is the responsibility of the PCC, is not neglected, the Church of England requires all churches to be inspected every five years by a diocesan surveyor, who issues a report detailing all areas needing attention with an estimation of the cost involved for each item. This process is called the Quinquennial Inspection.


We are currently working our way through the latest report dated March 15, 2018, consisting of items under Priority A - within 12 months costed at £35,900 and Priority B - within Quinquennium, with an estimation of £43,500.


We are thus faced with the task of funding a total of £79,400 worth of repairs, for which we have created a Fabric Fund which currently covers considerably less than the full amount to complete the exercise.


Thanks to the generosity of many of our parishioners, we have made a good start with the work and have now completed 12 of the 24 items under Priority A, fortunately at a lower cost than estimated. However, there is still a long way to go and a need for  additional funding.


Any further donations would be most gratefully received, particularly as we are now about to start on some of the more expensive items on the list.




November 11, 2019

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