Nutshells. Sunday 20th September, 2020. 25th in Ordinary Time.


May I apologise for the gap in producing this page. My computer was playing-up and needed some work done on it. However, all’s well now, so off we go:

Matthew: 20: 1- 16. The Workers in the Vineyard


Theme: Don’t Judge Others.


Perhaps the key to this Sunday’s gospel reading can be located in the last sentence: “The first will be last, and the last will be first”


Background: Grapes were a very sought- after commodity in Israel during the time of our Lord. They produced a large income and employment for many people. We read in the Old Testament how may vineyards employed a “security guard” who, standing at his watch tower, would keep guard over the day’s harvest.


The consumption of wine in Palestine at the time of our Lord was mainly the only form of liquid suitable for drinking. Water was only used for ablutions, and was not purified and therefore not to be used for human consumption.


So, it’s no surprise that our Lord uses this image to teach what could be regarded as one of his most famous points, that of judgement on the last day.


The parable is clear in its direction and gets the point over very directly, that at the Last Judgement God may surprise us as to whom we find before us in His Kingdom.


Reflection: God knows and see us through our inner hearts. He sees the real person whom he created. We often only look at a person through our own imperfect and biased eyes, and see a person, or part of a person, in our own tarnished light.


So remember: “The first will be last and the last will be first” Strong words indeed.


Key Words: The history of wine dates back to 7,000 BC in ancient China.


Wine: from the Latin vinum- meaning grape.


Fr. Robert.

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