A Fireside Read

A Fireside Read.


St. Luke the Evangelist.


By Kevin Mc Carthy.


ISBN: 9781511612678.


St Luke’s Gospel account of the life and ministry of Jesus is, in many ways, the fulfilment of the other synoptic Gospel writers. Luke’s Gospel expands upon the pens of Matthew and Mark, using their material, as well as a good injection of information that Luke obtained from personal conversations with some of the apostles after the resurrection, as well as with Mary the mother of Jesus.

Little is known of the early life of Luke, except that he was a physician, and was from Antioch. Luke was a disciple of St. Paul accompanying him on his missionary journeys. It was Paul who called Luke “The beloved physician” in his Letter to the Colossians [4:14f].


In his short and informative book Kevin Mc Carthy expounds upon the life and witness of St. Luke. Blending together photography and the written text, Mc Carthy offers the reader a very interesting tour of the background to Luke and his Gospel, from his background, education and his encounter with the apostle Paul, to his attention to medical details intertwined with his Gospel account.


I warmly recommend this book as a good fireside read as we prepare to celebrate the Nativity of our Lord that Luke records with great beauty.


Fr. Robert.

October ‘20.


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