Nutshells. 5th July, 2020.


Matthew 11: 25-30. 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time.


May I welcome all those, who had been following our weekly reflection on Sunday’s Gospel, back to this page.


Just to refresh your memories: this year the Church will be following the life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth through the pen of the Evangelist St. Matthew.


So, today, as we return to Matthew’s gospel, we see the first portion is dedicated to Jesus being self-conscious about his divine role: “Everything has been entrusted to me by my Father”; going on to reveal the unique relationship between God the Father and His Son.


The second part of this short account can be explained as an invitation from our Lord to share the heavy burden, the yoke, that was placed upon the people of the time. This burden can be defined as the rules and regulations imposed by the Old Testament. Also, it could be interpreted that our Lord is offering an alternative yoke - an easier, freer package - that offers rest for our souls.


Reflection: In trying to marry together today’s gospel with a great tide of rejoicing as Christian communities gather together for the first time since lockdown, we see that the Lord offers freely to share our burdens. The human emotions, that can be associated with our international situation, can be traced to our Lord’s own emotional torment, revealed through his passion and the cross. Jesus knew, and experienced, social isolation, loneliness, fear, and a sense of loss. The cross is central to our understanding of the suffering of humanity; for where we have gone, God, in Christ, has been before.


May God bless and keep you,


Fr. Robert.



Key word: Yoke - a term commonly used in the Old Testament [from the root word being to unite].

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